October 1977 [DUPE] Keystone is actually for Enjoys-Tx Ski City by Morten Lund pg

erica-Competitors, Programmes from the Sunrays Area and you will Heavenly, Records by the John Fry, Georges Joubert, Robert Lochner, Charlie Meyers and you may Gerard Rubaud-Skiing Racing pg.43 Rod Stunts-Ski Ways With Skiing Posts by John Mohan, Walt Hiltner and you may Bruse Barthel pg.56 Skiing Your own Comfort zone-Knowing Your own Gadgets, Accumulated snow snapsext Log in Standards, Tolerance having Temperature and you will Surface. from the Junior Bounous pg.58 Feet: Injuries and you may Cures of the Dr. 64 Pointers: Ride Your Into the Edges throughout the Deep pg.80 This new In which of Pounds when you look at the Dust pg.84 Part Your own Rod on the Bumps pg.86 Turn Simple pg.ninety-five Where you can Ski On your own Region-Skiing Elements pg.33 Canadian High-Canada’s North Selkirks, Little Yoho therefore the Mummery Glacier of the Peter Arnold pg.60 Slope Summer-Facts from the Ski Resort from the Susan McCoy pg.67 As to why They’ve been Clogging The Ski Areas-Preservationists, Authorities and you may Regulations because of the I. 89

ent: New Skis-The latest Skiing to have Freeze pg.84 This new Boots pg.96 Posts ’78-Frost Gripper Info, Adjustable Shafts, Treat Absorber Grabs pg.103 Designed for Males-Trend because of the Tap Doran pg.104 The Bindings pg.108 Snowboarding is all In your head-Tuition, Improvement from the Jean- Claude Killy pg.a hundred This new Enough time Reputation for the newest Short Skiing because of the Morten Lund pg 71 Four An approach to Fitness-Conditioning, Exercises pg.82 Big Alp against. Little Alp-Switzerland by the Abby Rand pg.74 The entire year it Did not Snowfall into the Aspen-Snowfall Drought of the Martie Sterling pg.78 Pictures Portfolio-Skiing Photographs by Peter Runyon pg.89 Dudu, Post Toastie as well as the Swede Clean-Globe Glass Race Gets a redesign, Freestyle Becomes Throttled by John Fry, Doug Pfeiffer and you can Charlie Meyers pg.93 I Take Heroes, Try not to I?-Olympian Bill Koch from the Honest Farwell pg.107

114 The trail so you can Bormio-Italy,Skiing Elements by the Abby Rand pg.132 SKIVAC: Try this Method to Picking a vacation Urban area- Private Travel Index from the Abby Rand pg.160 The brand new Skis-Ballasting and you may Damping pg.122 Skiwear Happens Thin-Manner by Tap Doran pg.127 The newest Boots pg.138 New Bindings pg.150 Pay attention to The Resources-Devices and you can Techniques because of the Doug Pfeiffer pg.136 Exercise Into the Two’s-Twin Dancing from the Janet Nelson pg.118 NASTAR’s Wiz Guy Pummels a pro-World’s Top Newbie Skier- Perry Bryant of the Charlie Meyers pg.79 One Borscht, A couple Shasliks and you will a great Lenin Poster To visit-Russia’s Caucasus by Rigo Thurmer pg.ninety The guy Who Skied Everest- Mt. Fuji and you may Yuichiro Miura by Eric Perlman pg.131 Brand new Mighty Mahres-Phil and you may Steve Mahre-Ski Racing by the Peter Miller pg.142 Portfolio-Ski Photographs of the Gary Brettnacher pg.145

William Berry pg

November 1977 [DUPE] Vacation Rugged Portal-Colorado’s Pike’s Peak Corridor by George Gladney pg.21 Shed and Pleased inside Montana-Skiing Portion of the We. 128 Research, Out on the latest Plains. It is Superlodge-Wisconsin, Tony Smart, Ski Resorts by Scott Wilson pg.156 Skiing My personal Way and not Score Sick-Education, Info by Jean-Claude Killy pg.125 Clearing up Ski-Teaching’s ABC’s-Sorting out Skiing Training Page Brands of the Morten Lund pg.137 Tune in to Their Technology-Ski Shoes by Doug Pfeiffer pg.145 The brand new Skis-Gadgets pg.132 This new Sneakers-Footwear Liners pg.148 Fashions Which have Flash from the Pat Doran pg.152 The insurance coverage Disorder: Exactly what It’s Charging You-Responsibility Can cost you because of the We. 66 Portfolio-Skiing Photos by the Fred Lindholm pg.121 Great Times when you look at the Snowboarding-California’s 1850’s Gold Schuss-Painting because of the Sherry Wolf pg.140

Morten Walker pg

December 1977 [DUPE] Internal Skier Matches the new Skeptics-‘Inner Game’ Approach to Skiing by Morten Lund pg.97 Snowboarding The Skis by the Doug Pfeiffer cpg.112 Guidance: Control your Overturning pg.sixty Chairlift Savvy pg.ninety Change As opposed to Traversing pg.140 Put on display your Skis into the Hardpack pg.162 Pursue an excellent skier pg.172 The fresh Skis-Gadgets pg.one hundred Quick Miracle-Child’s Skiwear-Trend by the Tap Doran pg.122 Where to Skiing On the Area-Ski Elements pg.69 Hill Locations- Franconia, New Hampshire-Cannon Mtn. from the We. William Berry-skiing Portion pg.106 Collection-Ski Pictures of the Standard Clasen pg.93 Denver Does it Deep-Inspiration/ John Denver song pg.110 The newest 6,600 Feet Plunge-Sylvain Saudan-Himalayas by the Del Mulkey pg.116 Lifestyle with Stein, Leon additionally the Chilean Crazies-Aspen’s Heatherbed Hotel by the Martie Sterling pg.120