Since then, the atmosphere regarding each other scholarship and you can comradeship at AGU keeps broadly shaped the remainder of my personal professional existence

A most remarkable turning point took place on University off California Davis within the 1959, whenever Don Nielsen insisted which i register AGU. We sensed immediately at your home.

Into the white of all things We are obligated to pay AGU, their really difficult here to discover the right terms to fairly share my appreciation for it best identification. Thus, I could just say thank you, and in an identical air additionally include Jean-Yves Parlange, Kuo-Nan Liou, while the letter editors on the nomination, plus the members of the latest Bowie Medal Panel having the depend on. And although she does not wanted me to, I gratefully recognize the help of my spouse Toyo, my companion and you may partner for the past half century. In the long run, no-one lives in vacuum pressure therefore we all are molded of the our environment. Hence, it award fills me with higher satisfaction because it reflects perhaps not merely for the me, but way more to the of a lot acquaintances and you will children with exactly who I got the new advantage and fulfillment to be effective historically.

Hiroo Kanamori

Hiroo Kanamori was approved brand new 2014 William Bowie Medal at AGU Slip Meeting Remembers Service, stored in San francisco, Calif. The newest medal is for “the benefits so you’re able to standard geophysics as well as for unselfish cooperation when you look at the look.”


Hiroo Kanamori makes a good efforts to standard geophysics, earthquake physics, and you will possibility minimization, however, equally important is his sum towards globally geoscience society using his unselfish collaboration which have a myriad of associates and you will pupils historically.

Hiroo been search manage new School from Tokyo regarding sixties because of the creating and you can building a-shipboard gravity meter, that was with his examination of the crustmantle construction away from The japanese. Becoming thus flexible, he in the future is actually involved with fresh and you can theoretic browse with younger associates toward real services from stones and you may vitamins, the brand new wonder trend equation regarding county, flexible surf, thermal diffusivity, and you will electronic conductivity, to name just a few subjects. Each one of these areas was very pioneering at the time. These types of knowledge were instrumental within the providing Hiroo that have an unusually large range within his afterwards research. After a few years, to 1970, he chose to concentrate their operate towards seismology and you will try frequently fascinated by the efficacy of the wave formula.

Their monumental functions in early 70s verified the new newly produced plate tectonics suggestion by the considering great area arc earthquakes and you may to present the idea of tsunami earthquakes. After moving to the fresh new California Institute regarding Technology within the 1972, their activity bloomed from inside the diverse industries. The development of moment magnitude, measurement of good earthquakes, together with diversity out of subduction areas are a couple of instances. Shortly after as much as 1980, volcanic eruptions at the Saint Helens and Pinatubo was basically appropriate plans having his much time-months processes. His discovery of the W stage, facilities regarding actual-time seismology, and its particular application to your Caltech-USGS Broadcast out-of Earthquakes (CUBE) program on the minimization regarding seismic possibility have adopted one to just after some other, with every one are it really is epoch and make.

Hiroos benefits on the world of seismology are unmistakeable so you can people always progressive seismology and you will geophysics. His much time excellent reputation unselfish venture is also exceptional. Hiroo was an exclusive, self-effacing one who provides usually stayed focused on medical research. However, he’s mentored and passionate years out-of youngsters and you will colleagues. Capable all the attest to just how freely the guy considering their suggestions to anybody as well as how keenly interested he was from inside the colleagues really works. It’s impossible so you’re able to number how many books were significantly designed if you don’t sparked by wisdom one Hiroo provided.